Currently in development - Five in a row (Gomoku)

Simple game - Gomoku, or Five in a row.
What it lacks? Decent AI implementation. Being an avid player myself I always wondered why there isn't any real good Gomoku AI around. Now I'm trying to fix this situation.
Stay tuned.


CRC cards released!

First CRC cards tool for Android!
Keep your CRC cards with you, whenever you go! Don't hesitate to record your shiny new idea even if you are traveling.

This app allows you to create, manage and browse CRC cards to help you foster your ideas.

It is useful for software architects, project leads and software engineers. Great for agile, XP and other software development methodologies.

CRC cards can also be used when learning Object-oriented design.

Please, don't hesitate to use built-in feedback tool, should you get stuck, notice bug or have any suggestions.

You can get the app on Android Market:
Full version ($1.99)
Trial version



Currently in development - CRC cards for Android.

Class-Responsibility-Collaboration cards for Android is planned for release within several days. Stay tuned!